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Special Purpose Districts In Texas…

How Would You Like Your Special Purpose District To Be More Transparent And Build Stronger Trust With Your Constituents?

Being a government agency is tough. You have so much on your plate, and you have to keep things running smoothly for the people you serve.

When agencies communicate clearly, honestly, and consistently with the people they serve, constituents reward them with their support.

What if you could make it even easier to be more transparent and earn greater trust from your constituents?

Introducing 62 Digital,

Your Special Purpose District’s New Marketing Partner

We believe that every special purpose district should have tools to reach their residents and, more importantly, engage with residents in positive ways. Our goal is simple: help you foster trust by making it easy for people to find information about their government and interact with their officials.

That’s why we tailor our services to fit the specific needs of your special purpose district.

We will help you make all the hard work you’re doing transparent, accessible, and easily understandable by all.

Making Your Special Purpose District Transparent To The Public Is Hard. But It Doesn't Have To Be...

When constituents can see what’s happening in their community, they feel more of a part of it— and we think that’s a good thing!

We want to help your special purpose district ensure that constituents have access to the information they need about what’s going on in their district.

With Our Exclusive Done-For-You Transparency & Trust System, You No Longer Have To Worry About Investing Time And Money Into Technology Or Consultants That Don't Work

62 Digital makes it easy for special purpose districts like yours build a strong bond with their communities.

As a service provider, we know what it’s like to deal with all the rules and regulations to stay compliant with state law.

That’s why we excel at helping governmental entities.

This is the fastest way for your special purpose district to become transparent, build a solid foundation of trust in your community, and inspire residents to become more involved.

Our Transparency & Trust System includes:

Live Broadcast Productions:

We work with you to find the right combination of technology and talent to create a high-quality live broadcast of your events, from ribbon cuttings and grand openings to town hall meetings and press conferences.

Website & Application Design and Development:

We work with you to develop a website that represents your special purpose district and its mission. We’ll create a website that showcases your services, programs, and events through an online calendar where visitors can learn more about what’s happening with their local special purpose district. Our team can even help you create a mobile application for iOS and Android.

Website Maintenance:

Updating a website is not easy, so we’ll make sure your site stays up to date on an ongoing basis.

Marketing & Public Relations Consulting:

Marketing and public relations are integral to reaching out to your community. Without them, building trust with your constituents is difficult. This is especially true for special purpose districts responsible for providing services to their communities. We’ll help you spread awareness of your activities to the public. We’ll use social media to reach out to potential customers directly in real-time and give them a chance to interact with each other while they’re at it!

Our Transparency and Trust System is an end-to-end solution for special purpose districts. It includes everything you need to create transparency, build trust, and more.

We've worked with special purpose districts across Texas with great results, including:

Harris County Emergency Services District No. 11:

they are the most extensive Emergency Service District in the State of Texas by population. They serve over 700,000 residents and visitors and cover 177 square miles of North Harris County.

Galveston Island Park Board & Galveston Island Beach Patrol:

The Galveston Island Beach Patrol is the designated lifeguard service for the City of Galveston. They protect around 7 million people who visit Galveston beaches each year.

We know that your special purpose district wants to serve the community in the best way possible, which is why we work directly with you to create and implement the right solutions specific to your needs.

With 62 Digital's Done-For-You Transparency & Trust System, Your Special Purpose District Will:

Become transparent

Become transparent


Build trust within the
community you serve

Online presence

Increase your online presence and reach more people with your message


Improve the efficiency of your public communications

Whether you’re looking to become more transparent, build trust, or just have more community engagement, we’ll work with you to accomplish all that.

Are You Ready To Take Your Special Purpose District To The Next Level?

As a Special Purpose District, you have the opportunity to serve your community with passion and commitment. But it’s not easy…

It takes planning, organization, and the right tools for success.

62 Digital has the tools needed for your success. If you’re interested in learning how we can help you achieve your goals…Then THIS is the offer you’ve been waiting for.

Schedule Your Free Transparency Analysis Consultation

With our free transparency analysis consultation, we’ll take a look at where your special purpose district is in terms of transparency and effectiveness. We’ll conduct a comprehensive analysis of the policies and procedures related to open government and more.

We’ll then make recommendations about how we can help your special district improve and get on the path toward greater transparency and accountability.

Our team will assess all aspects of your special purpose district’s current transparency and accountability practices such as your:


How easy is it for users to find information? Is there enough content? What do your stakeholders think of it?

Social Media:

Are you using it effectively? What are your goals for social media? Are they realistic? Do you have a plan in place to achieve them?

Public Records Process:

How does someone request records from your district? Is it user-friendly? Can anyone request records from you regardless of whether or not they live within the boundaries of your district?

Schedule Your FREE Transparency Analysis Consultation

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Lemonade Partners


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